Debut Novel – A Glimmer of Destiny – Book I of the Glimmer Steel Saga

How can one moment in a young man’s life become the turning point between doom and deliverance for an entire world?

Aiden Finn is an orphan, comfortable in his quiet life working at the School of Breen when everything is turned upside down by a casual bet between two young nobles.  One that cause him to use the forbidden Glimmer Stones which create constructs of physical light, and by law only nobles are allowed to touch.

Threatened with death by duchy law and evil forces intent on capturing him and his dark secret, Aiden is forced to learn how to control this emerging power to save all that he holds dear.  However, will that which saves him also be his world’s downfall?   The dreaded Mourning Lords, beings that came from the dawn of the Cataclysm four thousand years earlier once more walk the land, searching for an answer to their torment.   Will Aiden learn how to become a master of Glimmer Steel or will the mystery of the Cataclysm drown him as surely as it nearly cracked the world in half?


A Glimmer of Truth, Book 2 of the Glimmer Steel Saga will be available in September 2016.

A Glimmer of War, Book 3 of the Glimmer Steel Saga will be available January 2017.


1383469_1079055602121531_8482449247508141923_nSpencer Pierson is an army-brat that grew up with an active, charged imagination filled with Lego blocks, fantasy novels, Star Trek, and other similar geeky pastimes which fueled his lust for the story.  Living and working in Portland, Oregon he fills his time with being a single dad and writing his debut novel about the fate of a far-future world resigned to the dark ages.